User Guide

1: Registration

  • Firstly a person has to register themselves by clicking on the Register button which will display the registration popup.
  • User has to fill their details i.e select for whom the profile is being created, Name, Mobile Number , Email , Gender, Marital status, Password in order to get register on the site and click on register button.
  • After clicking on register a window appears .User has to select email to receive link through email or mobile to receive OTP on their mobile number
IMWManual-2 IMWManual-3 IMWManual-4
  • If the user has selected email then user has to click on the link which will be received through email to login to their account.
  • If the user has selected mobile a box will appear to enter the OTP which was send on their mobile number, If OTP is correctly entered then user can login in to their account.

2: Login

  • User can login with their email account or with their registered mobile number.
  • User has to enter the password and then click on login button to log into their account.
  • There is an alternate method also to login ,a user can also login with their facebook account so they need not to create another login ID.

3: Profile setup

  • After login, Profile setup Page is displayed.
  • User can upload their profile photo from photo menu.
  • User can give their basic information like date of birth ,address, height, section, division ,mobile number etc. under Basic Information.
  • User can give their educational degree details, educational field, working details , annual income under Education and occupation.
  • User can add their hobbies , favourite music , Favourite vacation destination, favourite books etc. under Hobbies and Interest.
  • User can give their lifestyle details like Diet, skin tone ,residential status, smoke, drink etc under Lifestyle.
  • User can add their family details like family value, family type, family status, no of brothers, no of sisters etc.

4: Profile search

  • There is a search drop down menu on top right to search for profile matches.
  • Click on search option to search to the profiles with the help of search by profile id, Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Search by profile ID

  • User can Search a particular person with the help of their profile ID.
  • That particular person profile will be displayed on screen whose profile has been searched with profile ID.
IMWManual-13 IMWManual-14

Basic Search

  • User can search the profiles matches under the specified range in which they want.
  • They can also search profiles of particular Section , Division and Language.
IMWManual-15 IMWManual-16

Advanced Search

  • User can search for any profile matches with any combination of keywords with which they want to search.
  • If the searched keyword combination matches with the content of any of the profile then that profile will be listed.

View Profile and Upgrade profile

  • User can view full profile of the person by clicking on View full profile if and only if the user is a paid member.
  • User can upgrade their profile by clicking on upgrade profile under their profile name.
  • It will display the options to select the plan which ever the user wants to take and then click on upgrade option.
  • It will navigate to the payment page where the user can pay using their credit card and debit card, net banking, NEFT or through Pay at Branch.
  • After the successful completion of payment transaction the user can become the paid member for the particular time depending on the type of plan they choose.
  • Now the user is a paid member and can view full profile of the person whom they want by clicking on the View Full Profile button.
  • The full profile of that particular person will be displayed.

Sending and Receiving Request

  • If the user is interested in any profile then they can send request by clicking on I’m Interested button.
  • By clicking on I’m interested button the person will receive an email notification and details about the person who wants to contact them.
  • The request send will be shown under sent on the left side of the page. User can see to whom they have send request and can view their profile in order to see their full detail.
  • The received request will be shown under Received on left side.The user can see who have send them request and can view their profile also by clicking on View Full Profile button .
IMWManual-24 IMWManual-25
  • User can accept the received request by clicking on Accept button on it if they are interested in it.
  • The accepted request will be shown under accepted on left side of the page.
IMWManual-27 IMWManual-28
  • User can also reject the request by clicking on Reject button on it if they are not interested
  • The rejected request will be shown under Rejected on left side of the page.
IMWManual-30 IMWManual-30